Emergency Department Simulation

Simulation is a management engineering tool which has existed for nearly 50 years and is used by many Fortune 500 companies that operate in manufacturing, banking and air travel industries to support optimal decision making regarding their operations. Recently, hospitals and emergency departments have started to adopt this tool to support service and operations improvement efforts.

This tool is beneficial because it replicates the actual processes that occur in an ED within a computer based "virtual world" without disrupting the existing care processes. This model can be used to develop "what if" scenarios to understand how changing processes or the number of resources in the department will impact key performance indicators (KPIs) such as turnaround times, walkouts, and staff efficiency.

Simulation can assist with evaluating proposed improvement projects before time, effort and money is spent on implementing them to understand the related to evaluate the expected benefit. Some projects that can be studied using simulation include:

  • Staffing changes
  • Patient flow process redesign
  • Physical plant/space planning
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Intake and meter/greeter implementation
  • Registration processes
  • Triage process
  • Lab / Radiology flow

In addition, simulation is conducted virtually on a computer, so one can visualize the animation of patients, visitors and staff "moving" through the system in so that a greater understanding and appreciation of the process can result.

Using simulation has shown to create a value of millions of dollars for hospitals through:

  • Decreased length of stay and wait times
  • Reduced walkouts
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced ancillary turnaround time

To arrange a free demonstration or to learn more about how simulation can help your ED, please contact us at info@emaedsolutions.com.

Sample Simulation

Download the 20 Second video file here.
This is a 7.6MB *.avi file and will require Windows Media Player or a similar video player application to view.

Benchmarking Tool
Our free interactive tool provides a real-time analysis for how your ED compares with national benchmarks.