Best Practices

ED Solutions have helped clients develop and implement new processes and initiatives in emergency departments that will help achieve optimal results. With our knowledge of the industry, it is unnecessary to "reinvent the wheel" when there are other EDs who have already identified proven strategies for success. In either situation, adopting such processes into your operation can help:

  • Increase emergency department patient satisfaction
  • Reduce turnaround times
  • Improve emergency department patient flow and throughput
  • Decrease the number of patients who leave without being seen
  • Increase staff productivity and efficiency
  • Eliminate key bottlenecks that delay key processes for timely patient care
  • Identify revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Minimize operating and capital expenses

It is important to note that best practices do not always translate into "best results," as some solutions must be tailored to the specific attributes of the emergency department. To that end, ED Solutions works with its clients to develop customized approaches to ensure the right solution yields the optimal outcomes for your emergency department.

ED Time to Provider Case Study

An ED Solutions client implemented a new upfront process that reduced time to ED provider by 40% (28 minutes) and door to room time by 55% (16 min), all in the wake of increasing volume.

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Benchmarking Tool
Our free interactive tool provides a real-time analysis for how your ED compares with national benchmarks.